Paper Baseball - Inspired by Statis-Pro Baseball

If you loved playing Statis-Pro Baseball, you are going to love this website. It captures the spirit and personality of the original table-top game, including those individual white player cards representing all the great ballplayers you remember from the game. This online version follows the same game rules as the original 1978 version. Forget how to play? No problem, this web version walks you through it so you can enjoy a great solitare experience.


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So far, you can play with all the classic teams listed below and re-create some interesting matchups.
Like Nolan Ryan vs. Ron Guidry, or the 1978 World Series between the Dodgers and the Yankees, or Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle vs. Rookie Dean Chance & the Inaugural Los Angeles Angels, or pit Pedro Martinez and the 2002 Boston Red Sox against the 2002 World Series Champion Anaheim Angels.

1961 Los Angeles Angels
1961 New York Yankees

1978 Atlanta Braves
1978 Baltimore Orioles
1978 Boston Red Sox
1978 California Angels
1978 Chicago Cubs
1978 Chicago White Sox
1978 Cincinnati Reds
1978 Cleveland Indians
1978 Detroit Tigers
1978 Houston Astros
1978 Kansas City Royals
1978 Los Angeles Dodgers
1978 Milwaukee Brewers
1978 Minnesota Twins
1978 Montreal Expos
1978 New York Mets
1978 New York Yankees
1978 Oakland Athletics
1978 Philadelphia Phillies
1978 Pittsburgh Pirates
1978 San Diego Padres
1978 San Francisco Giants
1978 Seattle Mariners
1978 St. Louis Cardinals
1978 Texas Rangers
1978 Toronto Blue Jays

2002 Anaheim Angels
2002 Boston Red Sox

More teams to follow if I ever get off my fat duff...

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